About Us

We'll make your place sparkle!


DETAILED CLEANERS HOME & OFFICE CLEANING SERVICE is a professional house cleaning company with a Team that takes pride in the quality work we provide.  Our Team is reliable, efficient, trustworthy and our attention to detail is thorough and will enhance the look of your home or office.  Our ladies arrive to each location with clean towels and the necessary cleaning supplies to provide thorough cleanings.  If there are specialty products or items that a client provides, we will gladly use whatever is preferred. While executing our services, we commit ourselves to a high degree of accountability by communicating any potential concerns regarding the cleaning of your home or office with immediacy.


Detailed Cleaners is licensed, bonded & fully insured.  We abide by all state regulations for small businesses and carry Workers Comp insurance, which is necessary to our employees as well as to our clients.  We believe that you get what you pay for and considering the quality of our detailed work, our rates are kept as affordable as possible while still carrying all of the necessary insurances for a legitimate business.  We always do our best to maintain the quality and integrity of our cleaning process.

Detailed Cleaners has what it takes to clean your home or office.  We'll make your place sparkle!  Text or call us today to schedule your appointment.  We look forward to hearing from you!


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